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Given so many options in health and beauty, which one will give you the best results for your investment? How can you perform at your best and look amazing? We know what techniques work, from skin to wellness and have put together the most effective ones, but more importantly, we have the expertise to diagnose and recommend individual plans as no two people are the same. We use data from the Visia as well as labs to diagnose and make sure you are moving in the right direction. Allowing our natural “beauty” to shine needs nurturance and relaxation of the tissues that make up our body, as well as giving ourselves a recharging spa-break, so that we can reset, recharge and be renewed…. from stardust to the radiant stars we were always meant to be.

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From the environment to the quality of service our mission is to provide the best care from head to toe. We believe that we can create an all in one place for all of your aesthetic and rejuvenating needs! Conveniently located off of Flagler drive in West Palm Beach, Florida you can experience top performing techniques by qualified medical professionals!

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Dr. Roop Monica Gill

Dr. Gill is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who is fellowship-trained in craniofacial surgery with surgical skills that have other doctors say that they would have their cherished family members be operated on by her. Her greatest strength though is her deep respect and caring for each individual client, which motivates her to find the best possible preventative and therapeutic interventions for them, and to push the envelope to optimize surgical and aesthetic results each and every time. She wants each of us to live a full free life based on healthy vitality and to enjoy our beauty. She believes in maximizing health and performance in life using preventative therapeutics and complementary health techniques to work in concert with allopathic medicine.

Dr. Gill trained in some of the world’s best surgical and scientific institutions. Although born in New Delhi, capital of India, she grew up in London, UK. She attended medical school and did basic surgical training in England to become a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

She then did years of scientific research at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, and earned a Master of Science in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University. Re-entering clinical work, she did her general surgery residency at the prestigious University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, to become a board-certified general surgeon, followed by three further years of training as a Plastic Surgeon at Vanderbilt University. In her first year there, she completed all three years of residency requirements. She had the opportunity to train with some of the world’s best cosmetic plastic surgeons including the renowned Dr. Patrick Maxwell (breast surgeon). She went on to train in the world-famous craniofacial training program at University of California Los Angeles.

As an attending, she specialized in children’s craniofacial surgery and worked at Arkansas Children’s Hospital as well as the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. On moving to California, she was recruited to perform facial surgeries for gender affirmation as well as “tops” surgeries at Kaiser Permanente.

She started private practice in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she enjoys providing the entire array of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for adults and children. She also performs aesthetic procedures, staying up-to-date with the latest techniques such as threads and platelet rich plasma/platelet rich fibrin treatments. She routinely attends both aesthetic conferences and plastic surgery meetings to be able to continually innovate and find the best of both worlds.

Her belief in giving everyone an opportunity to be their best self extends to overseas volunteer work. She has been to Guatemala and Egypt so far to operate on children and adults with craniofacial anomalies, burns, and other plastic surgery challenges.


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