Everything you need to know …

“Glow wanted”

Facials definitely bring out our glow, and the Hydrafacial with its lymphatic drainage option, boosters, lip perk and eye perk takes it to a whole new level. You will be radiant for days. Your skin will start to resurface. And then there is the Vivace. Deep skin retexturing comes with a down time of only a day of redness on the face typically, although body skin can be red for longer as there is less blood flow to these areas. The Vivace will create new collagen and tighten as well as smooth out minor skin pigment imperfections. Darker brown spots, red spots and broken veins can be erased with the laser (depending on your skin type and sun exposure). And a healthy skin care regimen with high performance make-up can keep it all active to
maximize your radiance each and every day.

Luscious lips please

Most of our attention on the face is in the small triangle between the eyes and lips. The lips therefore play a large role in how attractive a face appears to be. Of course filler as well as threads can be used to plump up lips, but texture can also be smoothed with the Hydrafacial’s Lip perk that gives instant bruise-free results that last for days. Our retails lines also contain lip plumpers such as PCA’s lip booster.

“Brazilian Butt Lift” with or without a “snatched waist”

Augmentation of the buttocks can be done with fillers such as Sculptra, but is more effective using fat injections in conjunction with liposuction of surrounding areas to create “cinching” or “snatching” of the waistline, resulting in a more hour-glass figure. For this, anesthesia and surgery are required. We prefer to use repeated fat injections if necessary, rather than implants to create the final appearance, and only injections outside the muscle are utilized to avoid fat embolism as well as create a more natural feel and appearance.

Breasts not what I want them to be right now

Breasts are always changing as we are. Sometimes though, they are never what we want them to be. Breast augmentation or breast reduction as well as breast lift are common surgical procedures. Less invasive techniques such as fat grafting by itself or lifts without surgical scars do not yet have the effectiveness of traditional surgical techniques. Breast implants require revisions approximately every ten years, although this varies widely. Concerns of implant associated medical problems should be discussed at the time of your consultation.

Tired of shaving hairy underarms or legs, or waxing the bikini area

Laser hair reduction is a girl’s best friend in the smooth hairless skin campaign. Relatively far less painful than waxing, laser Brazilian needs to be repeated on average six to seven times for satisfactory results, as it only treats actively growing hairs (in the anagen phase). Dark terminal
hairs respond to laser energy but fine light-colored hairs are not amenable. These can be treated with waxing, also available at Pulsar Health & Beauty.

Pretty hands to show off jewelry and manicures…

Even if we avoid sun exposure with its resulting brown spots, our hands can get “veiny” or “bony”. Injection of PRP or filler can soften this appearance, and laser treatment can lift brown spots. Vivace treatments can also resurface the skin. Topping this off with a manicure using Dazzle nails, a “natural” nail care manicure that avoids UV light or acrylic powder whilst still setting in about five minutes and lasting one to two weeks is the icing on the cake

Return to a lovely décolletage

Necklace lines and discoloration from brown and red spots can be frustrating as well as “crêpey” skin. Here a variety of treatments can help. The Vivace can tighten the skin as well as treat minor pigmentation problems. The laser can relieve deeper pigmentation issues. The hydrafacial and our signature facials can revitalize and renew this area. Treatment of necklace lines with filler or threads can relieve deep lines for a few months. And finally surgery is available if there is just too much excess slack skin to be dealt with effectively in any other manner. A lovely face deserves a lovely neck and décolletage.

Belly and bulges

A soft belly is comforting for a small child, but sometimes frustrating for Mom. Resistant bulges that stay despite appropriate diet and exercise may need more invasive intervention. We find surgical intervention to be a more effective long-term treatment than non-invasive modalities at this time, so the decision of whether liposuction will be enough in terms of taking away fat and allowing skin tightening, or a more extensive surgery is needed to remove excess skin and fat will be made on an individual basis during a consultation.

I have always wanted my nose “fixed”

A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most challenging plastic surgery operations to do to a person’s satisfaction, but so liberating when it releases the client from being concerned about her nose. Care must be taken to ensure any issues with breathing comfortably via both nostrils are addressed, and it takes about a year to get to the final result. Non-surgical rhinoplasty can be done using fillers to correct certain types of defect, and no external scar “closed” rhinoplasty can be performed for limited nose problems such as a hump, although where tip work is needed, an “open” rhinoplasty typically allows a more refined result. This is one of our favorite operations, and we look forward to helping you with this challenge.

Lifting and Tightening the skin

The skin around our eyes is the thinnest skin of the body, and our face is exposed to many pollutants and chemicals as well as sunlight and blue light. Damage occurs which can cause premature aging. Using a sunblock (and re-applying!) as well as physical measures such as sunglasses will prevent some of this. Using neuromodulators like Botox or Dysport will prevent the formation of wrinkles, and can be used as early as your 20s as we seem to be aging appears to be starting earlier, possibly related to screen exposure. Tightening skin with creams can be
done too, such as the Revision’s Revox-7 or Nectifirm, and we offer more intense under-eye tightening in spa treatments. For a longer term solution to the under-eye area, platelet rich plasma (PRP) or platelet rich fibrin (PRF) can be injected. This causes immediately swelling that goes away usually within a day, but initiates a cascade of healing that results in improved results for patients at four weeks. Three injections spaced a month apart are recommended to see results. Surgical intervention using a blepharoplasty, brow lift, face lift or neck lift can of course be performed if the skin is too lax to respond effectively to other treatments. However, this should be done with ongoing nurturance of the skin with regular facials, and does not address pigment or texture issues. The Vivace (radiofrequency microneedling) improves the texture of the skin as well as lifting minor skin pigmentatory problems, while the laser can address more difficult to treat redness and brown spots as well as broken small vessels. We also perform medical grade peels where this would be helpful. For lift, the Vivace can tighten and be used in conjunction with Kybella for the chin area. PDO Threads and fillers can also be used for facial contouring. Threads can also be used to lift saggy skin of the above elbow or above knee area temporarily. On the body, stretched out skin can respond to the Vivace although redness will stay longer
here than on the face.