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Our Wellness Treatments

As we continue to serve the community we begin to see what elements of our facility are the most intriguing to enhancing overall health and fitness. Our Wellness treatments are among the most common sources of building a healthy lifestyle. Take a look at our services below!


Rehabilitate and recover better than ever with cryotherapy. Frequently used by celebrities and athletes to maintain proper body functionality! 

IR Sauna

Achieve an optimal daily life with the use of an infrared sauna to help optimize sleep patterns, detox, weight management and more!

IV Bar

One of the most common forms of preventative medicine and optimal health is found in our IV bar. Learn how IV therapy can help you today!

Massage Therapy

Our on-staff massage therapist provides a variety of massage techniques to help you overcome pain, achieve relaxation and more!



Health your body from a more holistic perspective with the use of acupuncture performed by our on-staff acupuncturist!

Traditional (Chinese) Med.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a wide range of therapies including cupping, dietry and other alternative medicine remedies!

Immune Optimization

One of the most important elements of your health is the strength of your immune system, let us help you remain healthy with immune support!

Herbal Medicine

A form of traditional and alternative medical practices that allows us the help offer internal care without the use of pharmaceuticals! 


Nutrition Optimization

We believe that your health starts with the proper diet, which is why we offer custom nutrition support that will help you achieve your wellness goals!

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Performance Therapies

Wellness Strategies

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We Love Helping People Achieve Their Wellness Goals!

At Pulsar Health you can expect to find everything you need in one place! From immune system support with IV therapy to advanced recovery and performance with cryotherapy, we’re on a mission to help our community achieve their wellness goals with optimal health and performance 365 days a year!

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