Everything you need to know …

Where did this double chin come from?

Unfortunately, sometimes double chins just creep up on us. But you can make it go away! Treatment should be catered to your particular problem, whether it is loose skin, fat in the wrong place, overall tissue laxity, or needing more bony definition like increased chin projection or muscle tightening via platysmaplasty. Come in for an evaluation and we can guide you towards which option would work best for you. For example, our “Chin Away” package combines a series of three Vivace (RF microneedling) treatments followed by a Kybella injection treatment to first tighten the skin and then dissolve fat, avoiding the frog-neck associated with Kybella by itself and typically reducing the number of Kybella injections required.

Acne Attack!

Here prevention can really help make one’s life much more pleasant on a daily basis, as well as avoiding scar formation. A combination of the right skin care for your skin type, blue LCD light or laser therapy, and resurfacing can tackle acne from the top down. Dietary and hormonal issues are also at play, and antibiotics may also be needed as well as Retin A products.
Breakouts beware: we are armed and ready to fight back.

Hair is thinning

Many factors affect hair quality and quantity. Hair can “go white” or fall out in response to stressors. Hormonal changes can affect the thickness of the hair shaft as well as alter the distribution. Genetic factors such as male-pattern hair loss may be unresponsive to any measure other than hair transplantation (not currently offered at Pulsar Health & Beauty but
may be in the near future). Hair that is thinning but still has follicles present can respond to stimulating treatments such as platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections, where your own plasma is injected into the scalp. We recommend using these in conjunction with topical shampoos to reduce hair loss, and a series of PRP injections is required for optimal results. It usually takes a couple of treatments to see a response, and not all people respond to PRP injections. Microneedling of the scalp can further improve results for some patients.

Why the red face?

Some people blush whilst some people just stay redder than they want to be. Whether it’s from the sun or rosacea, med-spa treatments can make an enormous difference here. For mild redness, the Vivace can smooth away skin imperfections, whilst for more significant problems our Evo laser will significantly reduce redness even after just one treatment. Sun protection via
skin care lines is of course recommended. The neck and upper chest are often involved, and simple to treat. Treatments are in conjunction with a sun-blocking skin care regimen.

Face looks jaded

Lots of travel, hard work, or time spent outdoors can make your face look less than fresh. Facials can help “get the junk out” as well as nourish the tissues. At a deeper level, a Hydrafacial with boosters can transform the appearance of your skin for days. For long-term resurfacing, a
Vivace radiofrequency microneedling treatment improves the texture and firmness of the skin as well as correcting minor skin pigmentary aberrations.

Too much hair, in the wrong places!

Thankfully we now have laser hair reduction to help manage excessive hair such as around the hairline or on the torso to reduce time spent on shaving or waxing. It targets hair that is in its growing phase (anagen), and as only about a third of hairs are actively growing, a series of treatments spread a few weeks apart each is required for optimal results, although each individual treatment results in a reduction of hair growth. Laser hair reduction only works on dark terminal hairs, as opposed to fine light-colored villous hairs. If complete hair removal is required, waxing is available. In the genital area, laser hair reduction is much more comfortable than waxing. Hair should be shaved prior to laser hair reduction.

Hands look “old”

Our hard-working, multi-purpose hands deserve our admiration. Thinning structures on the back of the hand can make them appear “bony” and sun damage can appear as “age spots” which make the hands appear older. Fortunately, there are treatments to help improve this appearance: fillers can be injected into the back of the hand to soften the appearance in less than a minute, and laser treatment can help “lift” age spots in conjunction with the use of sun block and physical measures of reducing sun exposure, such as wearing sun-shielding gloves for driving or golf… Other treatments like Vivace (RF microneedling) can resurface the hands, smoothing the skin, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment can stimulate formation of new
collagen deposition.

Is my nose getting bigger?

The elastin in the cartilage of our noses and ears continues to stretch over time, so yes your nose does get bigger! Overly large sebaceous gland activity or rhinophyma can also thicken the skin of the nose. Surgical intervention is usually required to correct significant abnormalities using a rhinoplasty, but smaller defects from a “broken” or slightly crooked nose may be able to be masked using fillers as an awake clinic procedure.

Saggy skin on elbows and knees, cheeks and torso…

If you are willing to avoid vigorous exercise for a month, you may be able to have saggy skin on your above-knee or above-elbow area treated with PDO threads, where numbing medicine is applied before inserting threads that help lift the skin instantly. The threads start to dissolve after a couple of months but leave behind new collagen that helps firm up the area long-term. As with all aging, it is a tug of war, and treatments need to be repeated to maintain results. Surgical excision can also be done if needed. On the face, threads can significantly elevate the cheeks, especially if used in conjunction with filler, to return you to a “triangle of youth” appearance versus the lower face heaviness associated with aging. Threads can help define the chin area and jaw line, as well as re- invigorate a fading cupid’s bow of the lips.
Skin sagging on the upper arms and abdomen areas can respond to tightening with the Vivace where radiofrequency along with microneedling and red light therapy work in conjunction to increase collagen and pull skin in. Stretch marks may even respond in some cases. If skin is too stretched out or there is some excess fat, it may need surgical intervention such as an arm lift or tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with or without liposuction.

Brown spots, wrinkles, and tired eyes

Age and sun-damage do not have to progress at the pace most people accept. Nourishing the skin with regular facials, such as the Hydrafacial with lymphatic drainage and boosters, and protection using sun blocks and anti-oxidants can keep skin in peak condition for as long as possible. Brown spots can be treated with a lightening regime with or without laser therapy. The Vivace can make a huge difference in wrinkles, as can medical grade chemical peels. Prevention of wrinkles using neuromodulators such as botox or dysport can be started as early as in the 20s as people appear to be aging sooner, possibly linked to increased blue light exposure. PRP (platelet rich plasma) or PRF (platelet rich fibrin) injections of the lower eyelids can help improve the appearance of this area. Of course, surgery can take care of “irreversible” damage such as eyelid sagginess (blepharoplasty), brow drop (brow lift), facial excess skin (face
lift), or neck sagginess (neck lift).