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At Pulsar Health you can expect the very best technology and techniques, performed by our team of medical experts. With continuous investments into training and research, we ensure the highest level of care based on what is best for you!


The key to youthfulness! Enhance the appearance of your skin, reduce wrinkles, reduce the physical elements that come with aging and more!


Similar to fillers, injectables offer benefits to enhancing youthfulness. At Pulsar Health, we can help you find the perfect treatment for you!


Known as a traditional European and Asian procedure, we can use threads for either lifting or filling in hollow areas of the face, learn more today!

Skin Care

Rejuvenate your skin with hydrafacial and vivace procedures that are among the leading skin care treatments for a beautiful and healthy complexion!

Laser Treatments

We offer a variety of laser treatments including laser hair removal, laser redness and pigmentary lesion therapy and sclerotherapy for veins!


Intense pulsed light can be used to help treat wrinkles, spots, skin damage, varicose veins, unwanted hair and more. See if it’s right for you!

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Recovery Formulas

Anti-aging Procedures

The #1 medspa in west palm beach!

Everything You Need To Repair, Rejuvenate & Recover!

Enjoy leading techniques that can help you overcome the obstacles of aging, recover from skin damage or prevent damage from occurring! Pulsar Health is here to help you flourish with our premier medspa services by a complete staff of medical professionals!


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